Remove cyclical margin pressure with optimal lifecycle pricing

PriceAI Solutions

Protect your margin and maximise profits from initial price to markdown while remaining competitive in an increasingly price-sensitive economy

Eliminate inefficient prices

Pinpoint the perceived value of your offering to your customers

Price AI learns something new about your customers every day. By assessing a wide variety of signals from data on everything from market patterns and competition to social media, weather product attributes, seasonality, and local economies, PriceAI delivers the best pricing strategy to increase revenues and margin.

Key benefits

  • Increase efficiency with flexible automated workflows
    The PriceAI app gives you a simple, all-in-one pricing strategy solution that is tailored to perfectly fit your business context.

  • Deliver a more comprehensive, data-driven demand forecast
    PriceAI tracks more demand signals, leveraging all kinds of data to update price sensitivity, perception and bottom line expectations in real time.

  • Eliminate pricing inefficiencies
    Achieve optimal planning enhanced by daily price management without any additional manual work. Prices achieve business goals and maximise margin.

  • Integrate changes for sustainable impact
    Deliver measurable results that grow over time as the prescriptive AI system learns. Scale more efficiently through effective change management.

  • Delight customers with a winning pricing strategy
    Boost revenues and margin while improving customer loyalty through competitive, fair prices.

How Evo delivers customer-centric prices

PriceAI ensures customer relevance with Prescriptive AI, rather than simply Predictive analytics.

The difference?

Predictive AI can only tell you what will happen assuming no major disruptions, while Prescriptive AI adapts to changing conditions to help you achieve your business goals throughout the entire pricing lifecycle.

Targeted features for each pricing problem

  • Limitless pricing segmentation
    Differentiate prices by product, customer, category, promotion, offer, channel, location, and day. Fine-tune prices at any granularity.

  • Instant strategy simulations
    Experiment with multiple target KPIs to discover the overall business impact of multiple strategies with no additional calculations.

  • Detailed impact visualisation
    See your pricing impact at a glance with advanced KPI analysis and graphs. Get the overall picture or drill down into any segment.

  • Cannibalisation estimate inclusion
    Don’t worry about promotions or markdowns eating into overall revenues. PriceAI automatically calculates cannibalisation effect when determining optimal prices.

  • Enhanced planning and alignment
    When pricing strategy is aligned across all channels and locations, you achieve greater consistency, while simplifying and improving planning operations.

  • Faster processing times
    PriceAI lessens the need for human intervention. Your team can focus on strategy rather than wasting time on tedious manual work.

Impact of price changes
Pieces, % lift Revenues, % lift Margin, % lift
Total 3,1 % 3,1 % 3,1 %
Price Down 5,0 % 5,0 % 5,0 %
Price Up 0,6 % 0,6 % 0,6 %
Control - - -

Average year 1 improvement from PriceAI


median EBITDA





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