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Business impact

Autonomous decision systems

Manual decision-making leads to lower pricing, excess inventory, missed sales, unnecessary discounting. We hate that!

Enter Machine Learning to the rescue. How would your decisions change, if you systematically knew what your customers will want tomorrow?
Automated learning transforms business management, just like self-driving cars reshape transport.

Data-driven revolution: unlock hidden opportunity with a system that, in the words of a client CEO from the US, “is so simple-to-use that finally also works for the rest of us".

Customer relevance, every single day: proven by $200m+ margin already delivered, and counting.

Over 3 PetaBytes of proprietary data on 1.2 billion people globally and over $100 billion of B2C & B2B transactions.
Unique assets, underpinned by over 200 cumulative person-years of Research & Development: so that you do not have to risk it alone.

Proven Results
Pricing & Promotions
Optimal margin


Dynamic management of new prices, re-pricing, promotions, markdowns and discounting.

“After 20 years of trying all types of consultants, software houses and academic experts, finally Evo provided some price recommendations that were actually actionable!”
(global pricing CEO, France).

Every day we collect a mountain of data on market pricing, weather, competition, feedback, social media, product attributes. Any data is about the customer, ultimately.
Our system matches each product to these signals automatically, and calculates how new data impacts price sensitivity, perception and bottom line.

Accurate elasticity estimation, combined with the specific objectives and rules of each client, power impactful recommendation.
Self-learning, driven by systematic impact measurement and reporting, to guarantee sustained results over time.

Up to +5.5 points of EBITDA margin within 24 months.

Forecast & replenishment
Optimal sell-through

Supply chain

Fully automated demand forecast, for the supply chain of nearly any type of product and service.

Head of Merchandising of Swiss fashion client: “we measured a whole order of magnitude higher sell-through after transferring inventory as recommended. Ultimate confidence in the predictive abilities of this innovative application of Artificial Intelligence.”

Every night we update our granular forecast, and this drives integrated recommendations: purchasing, allocation, replenishment, transfers, rebalancing.

Laser-like delivery of more sales with less inventory, the modern approach to protecting customer service levels at all times while eliminating waste.

Up to +30% inventory efficiency within 12 months.

Autonomous Supply Chain
Data-driven Learning

Rapid & tangible impact

Starting from the end backwards: the secret recipe of our success. Guaranteed impact grounded in systematic tracking and adjustment, from week 1.

Automated data collection from our clients to embed change, while making the system smarter over time.
Our vision of a level-playing field, where larger and smaller enterprises benefit from access to the same quality of insight.

Monitoring competitor pricing, promotions and product range, while also tracking weather, social media trends, socio-dem and geo-data. Any impact on volumes, revenues and margin automatically measured, to promptly learn and continuously improve.

Pricing automation can drive up to 5.5 points of EBITDA expansion, with a median of 2.9 points; supply chain automation up to 30% growth in inventory efficiency.


Passion for analytics

Impact, excellence, growth, integrity, cooperation.

We are a fast-growing team of innovators, with specific love for the transformative power of autonomous systems.

We believe in the potential of data to make business processes smarter and ultimately benefit the entire economy.

11 nationalities, 6 academic research partners, and 1 mission: to serve.

Your market, strategy and people rapidly EVOlve. And so do we.

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