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Dealing with business data is hard. Creating business impact is even harder. Artificial Intelligence can help!

Automated systems can transform business management, but achieving sustainable impact requires more than buzzwords. What if you could finally address and solve any forecast-related business challenge?

Optimal prices, optimal inventories, optimal customer relevance: such ambitious objectives require domain-specific expertise and intuitive interfaces, to avoid the risk of costly mistakes. Human managers require better day-to-day decisions, not complex science.

In the words of our customers, Evo delivers products that are so “simple-to-use, that they finally also work for the rest of us".

This means we help you see through all the complex stuff: data enrichment, research & development, interface design and process integration. 4+ PetaBytes of proprietary data, more than 250 cumulative person-years of Research & Development: delivering simple products is not easy!

Evo does not just deliver products that work, but products that work for you. Impact, every single day: $300 million of margin to date, and counting.

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Pricing & Promotions


What is the perceived value of your offering to your customers? Artificial Intelligence solves this complex puzzle.

Every day PriceAI learns something new about the perception of customers around relevant signals like market pricing, weather, competition, social media and product attributes.

Any data is about the customer, ultimately. Our system matches each product to its signals automatically, updating price sensitivity, perception and bottom line expectations in real-time.

Optimal prices for new products, as well as optimal re-pricing, discounts and markdowns do not only require an accurate estimation of the price sensitivity of demand, but also the ability to translate your specific objectives and rules into impactful recommendations.

PriceAI is powered by self-learning systems, driven by systematic market data collection, automated impact measurement, and constantly reviewed recommendations, leading to sustainable improvement.

Up to +5.5 points of EBITDA margin improvement within 24 months.

Forecast & replenishment
Seamless supply chain


How much inventory, of which product, when and where? Artificial Intelligence delivers optimal decisions every day.

Inventory and assortment decisions are hyper-local, volatile and risky. A poor fit for traditional Sales & Operations Planning: human forecasts, last year “curves”, or recent data lead to suboptimal rules-of-thumb and significant inefficiency.

InventoryAI combines fully automated demand sensing, granular profit & loss analysis, and real-time re-assessment. This winning recipe can be applied to accelerate the performance of your supply chain, regardless of the type of product or service.

Traditional demand planning tried to forecast sales. InventoryAI aims at optimal inventory rotation based on the profitability of every possible inventory level, given the different levels of risk and uncertainty implied with each demand estimate.

In turn, this drives integrated recommendations: purchasing, allocation, replenishment, transfers, rebalancing. More sales with less inventory: the modern approach to a sustainable supply chain, protecting customer service levels while eliminating waste.

Up to +30% inventory efficiency within 12 months.

Accelerate Your Inventory


Each customer is different. Why bundle them into clusters or segments? Artificial Intelligence helps you delight each customer with relevance. Exactly as they expect.

Managers invest millions to gather and process customer-centric data. However, throwing money at the problem may not always lead to demonstrable improvement in conversion and share-of-wallet.

CustomerAI turns the problem on its head. By directly addressing customer-related sales and marketing decisions, it can achieve surprising levels of insight and impact even based on hardly any data at all, thanks to real-time learning.

Traditional customer scoring tried to predict customer segment behaviour. Artificial Intelligence brings the next level in customer-driven decision making, with constant updates to crucial questions such as: What is the best salesperson for each prospect? The best product for each client? The optimal pricing and discount mix for retention?

Loyalty is a matter of relevance: with CustomerAI you can always guarantee that each customer is offered a truly unique mix of sales and marketing decisions, integrated for optimal conversion and lifetime value.

Up to +10% sales uplift within 18 months.

esults, delivered

Results, delivered

Wishing you could overcome market uncertainty and volatility? Now you can. Empower your managers with Artificial Intelligence-powered products.

The secret recipe of our success: not just to aim straight at the heart of the most critical business decisions, but to do so with the pragmatic goal of achieving demonstrable impact as quickly as possible. Then, we systematically embed change at the pace that is appropriate for each management team.

EvoAI delivers the full bundle of data, systems and support required to embed impact into daily decisions, while the self-learning guarantees that decisions can only get smarter over time.

Our vision: creating a level-playing field, an ecosystem where each participant benefits from access to the same quality of world-class insight.


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We are a fast-growing team of innovators, with specific love for the transformative power of autonomous systems.

We believe in the potential of data to make business processes smarter and ultimately benefit the entire economy.

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