CEO-quality decisions every day

Today, more and more data can be processed with cheaper and cheaper methods. Evo Pricing helps the world's best businesses transform bleeding edge data science technology into shareholder value, with a unique partnership mindset.


About Us

We love building rapid, impactful solutions for pricing, promotion monitoring and forecasting. Based in the UK and Italy, we are trusted advisors to clients in Europe and North America, and do research together with 4 leading Universities



Long-term partnership mindset in everything we do. Our algorithms evolve together with the changing nature of your business: this is why we are called EVO.



We design automated recommendations together with clients and deploy them in as little as 2-3 weeks. Our solutions can leverage the entire data science toolkit, but always focus on delivering shareholder value


Case studies

Working across business domains ranging from B2C to B2B, we aim at delivering at least 2-3p.p. margin impact, with 10-20x ROI on client investment. We can help deliver any business goal, from margin to market share, to a mixed strategy


Leading scientists, academics and business experts with a shared goal: creating world-class predictive analytics that inform business execution with CEO-quality insights